Science and Technology plays an important role in achieving national development. Therefore government of Maharashtra Higher Education and Technology (order no NGC/2010/247/10/MS-4) and Shivaji University Kolhapur have under taken to start need based/job oriented course B.Sc. in Sugar Technology. India is a leading country in sugar production.The private and co-operativemovement in Western Maharashtra has contributed a lot in the industrialization of sugar and sugar based industries.The potential of this area has made Shivaji University is as an ideal place to start B.Sc. in sugar technology and an allied products.

Who We Are

Rajarambapu College of Sugar Technology, Islampur is started on 13th September 2010. Rajarambapu College of Sugar Technology follows a philosophy of "Knowledge is a Power" .This is the only college for B.Sc. and M. Sc. Sugar Technology, M. Sc. Alcohol Technology and Certificate courses related to Sugar and Alcohol industries human resource development.Since November 2016, we have started two new courses viz. M. Sc. Sugar Technology and M. Sc. Alcohol Technology to make available higher studies for the students and proceed for research activities. From June 2017, we started certificate courses viz. Sugar Engineering, Analytical Chemist for Sugar Laboratory, Analytical Chemist for Co-gen Laboratory, Analytical Chemist for ETP Laboratory, Manufacturing Assistant, Distillery Plant Operator, DCS Operator, ETP Operator, Turbine Operator for student to make them a good experienced Human Recourse for Sugar/Alcohol Industries.

We Provide

Uncompromising adherence to value and implementation of high quality educational programme, with the aim of creating and developing a rich pool of selfless young men and women,capable of ensuring for themselves a decent livelihood and meeting the growing needs of developing society were committed to satisfy our stake-holders and society at large by providing world class education to our students.

  • To provide technical education for sugar and allied industries.
  • To undertake research on related to sugar and allied industries
  • To provide consultancy services to industries through Technical Adviser team.
  • To provide in-plant training and placement.

Advisory Board

Name & Qualification Post
Hon'ble. Shri. Babasaheb Dattjirao Pawar, M.Sc.(Agri) President
Hon'ble Shri.Umesh Babasaheb Pawar, B.Sc.(Agri) Ex. Director, RCST
Hon'ble Shri.Vasant Ramchandra Kaledhonkar, B.Sc.ANSI Tech. Director, RCST
Hon'ble Dr. A.N. Basugade ,M.Sc. Ph. D. Principal, RCST
Hon'ble Shri. Abhijit Vijay Magdum, M.E.(Instru.), Msc(Sugar tech.) Consultant(Instru.)
Hon'ble Shri. Umaji Patil, B.E. (Mech.) Consultant (Engineering)
Hon'ble Shri. Sharad Kadam, B.Sc.AVSI M.D., SonhiraS.S.K .Ltd.
Hon'ble Shri. Sanjeev Desai M.D. AjinktaraS.S.K. Ltd
Hon'ble Shri. R.D.Mahuli M.D., Rajarambapu S.S.K.Ltd
Hon'ble Shri. Ram Patil, B.E. (Mech.) M.D., Shirala S.S.K.Ltd
Hon'ble Shri.Sayaji Patil C.E.O, Sonhira S.S.K.Ltd.
Hon'ble Shri. A. S. Kulkarni W.M., Krishna S.S.K.Ltd.
Hon'ble Shri. R. S. Pol C.E.,Ajinktara S.S.K. Ltd
Hon'ble Shri. N.B.Gavandi C.C.,Warana S.S.K.Ltd.
Hon'ble Shri. Sunil Sawant C.C., Rajarambapu S.S.K. Ltd.
Hon'ble Shri. P. S. Deshmukh C.C., Sonhira S.S.K.Ltd.

Collage Development Committe

Sr. No Member Category Name Position Held
1 Chairperson of Management Shri B. D. Pawar Chairman
2 Secretary of Management Shri U. B. Pawar Member
3 Teacher Representative Dr. S. G. Patil Member
4 Teacher Representative Mr. A. V. Magdum Member
5 Teacher Representative Mrs. M.M. Patil Member
6 Member from Industry Shri V. R. Kaledhonkar Member
7 Member from Educational Institute Dr. H. T. Dinde Member
8 Member from Educational Institute Dr. S.V. Pore Member
9 Member from Alumni Mr. R. R. Patil Member
10 Member from Non Teaching Mr. S. B. Chavan Member
11 Invitee Dr. R. N. Bhosale Member
12 Principal, RCST Dr. A. N. Basugade Member Secretory
13 IQAC coordinator Mr. R. M. Pawar Member