INTERNAL QUALITY ASSURENCE CELL A Quality Education with 10 years experience


Sr. No. Member Category Name Position Held
1 Principal Dr. S. B. Mane -
2 A few Administrative officers Mr. S. B. Chavan -
3 Three to eight Teachers 1. Dr. S. G. Patil -
2.Prof. M. L. Kadam
3.Prof. R. M. Pawar
4.Prof. Smt. N. M. Patil
4 One Representative of management Mr. Umesh B. Pawar -
5 One/ Two Nominees from Local Society, Students/ Alumni Mr. Rahulsingh R. Patil -
6 One / Two Nominees from Employer, Industrialist/ Stake Holder Mr. V. R. Kaledhonkar -
7 One Senior Teacher as Coordinator/ Director of IQAC Prof. A. V. Magdum -
8 Two Student Representative 1.Miss Gadekar V. S -
2.Mr. Kinekar N. R. -