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Chairman's Desk

      Worldwide India has the second highest area under cane with production 300 million tons of cane sugar. In India sugar cane become industrial crop because it provides sugar, biofuel, fiber, fertilizer and many by products/co-products with ecological sustainability. Sugarcane juice is used for making white sugar, brown sugar (Khandsari), Jaggery (Gur) and ethanol. The main byproducts of sugar industry are bagasse, molasses & Press mud . Molasses is by-product, & main raw material for alcohol production and thus for alcohol-based industries. Excess Bagasse is now being used as fuel in co-generation plant for power generation..Press mud commonly used for production compost fertilizer; As such sugar industry becomes as integrated cane processing unit wherein sugar, alcohol, energy and allied products are manufactured. There industry needs qualified scientists and technologists. At present there are two institutes which provide technical education related to the sugar industry. Namely National sugar institute, Kanpur and Vasantdada Sugar Institute, Pune. But these institutes not able to fulfill demand of industries. It became necessary to establish an organization that will satisfy all the scientific and technical needs of the Sugar Industry. Hence the Maharashtra Government and Shivaji University, Kolhapur took initiative part and give permission to us to start such courses related to sugar industries.

       I am retired person from sugar industry, having more than forty four years experience mostly in capacity of Managing Director. I have great affinity to sugar industries. I have established the college keeping vision to provide quality technical education and mission to develop human potential to its greatest degree. In accordance with vision & mission Rajarambapu college of sugar technology ISLAMPUR has maintained highest record for achieving excellence in teaching, training and research since last ten years.

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Mr. Babasaheb Pawar